Strategic customers prefer e-Components


We are a highly motivated and experienced technical sales team​ with existing relationships. This affords us the ability to engage at the executive and architectural level of tiered customers. ​Our relationships, line card, technical abilities, and ADRP allow us to engage at the earliest architectural stage of product development.

We know and understand our customers and their road maps


Our experience encompasses serving all areas of the industry, including Sourcing, Product Development, Agency Validation, Onshore and Offshore Manufacturing. e-Components was​ established in 1980. We have over 200 years of combined experience and our territory. Our employees are experienced and understand your need for flexibility. 

​We have comprehensive knowledge of systems, procedures and standards


Our flexibility & responsiveness allow us to adapt well to market conditions and our partner’s expectations.  Our experienced team increases the effectiveness of customer communication – We know our customer’s and principal’s culture and preferences.  We use this to build relationships and trust.  ​